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Founded in 2000 by Olivier Aron, ROSAE is an international office of research and consulting specialised in perfumes and beauty.
We offer to our customers a genuine expertise to optimise their products of tomorrow and help them develop their strategies and mixes.

A sheer reproduction of the consumer’s reality:
ROSAE is the specialist of market research for perfumes and beauty. The ROSAE interviewers permanently observe the consumers behaviours and collect their testimonies worldwide.

The proximity and complicity between these latter are our funding principles to always better understand the words and the behaviours of the street. 



Graduate from Sciences Po Paris and INSEAD Fontainebleau, founder of ROSAE Audit & Action he has worked as a Director of L’Oréal Singapore and as Purchase and Marketing Director at Sephora. Currently teaching at Sciences Po Paris and at Ecole Supérieure du Parfum Paris with the aim of conveying his passions for entrepreneurship and fragrances.

Goal: After the 20 first years of ROSAE, make sure it will thrive for the next 20.

Motto: Passion & Transmission.




Market Research Director of ROSAE, Amandine is graduated from ICN Business School of the master’s degree Programme Grande École in Marketing / International Negotiation and of MSc in Luxury and Design Management.

Since 2016, she has started as Responsible of consumer studies with years Market Research Director, managing the whole team and projects in France and abroad.

Goal: Generate consistency and synergies among the different players of her team by putting forward its multidisciplinary know-how and reinforcing the values to the ROSAE Team.

Motto: Leadership, Requirement & Productivity.


Market Research Director


Graduated from Ecole Supérieure du Parfum, from a master’s degree in Creation and Management of the Perfume Industry, Camille took her first steps in ROSAE as part of her end of course internship. She is working as Marketing Researcher since July 2018.

Goal: Lead impartial studies analysis and bring her knowledge in olfactive creations and evaluations in order to enrich the ROSAE expertise.

Motto: Rigour & Constancy.


Marketing Researcher


Recently graduated from a master’s degree in International Marketing of Fragrances and Cosmetics from ISIPCA - ESSEC - UCP and a master’s degree in engineering of cosmetics, flavour and fragrances from University of Montpellier 2, Anaïs joined the ROSAE team in October 2018 as marketing and field researcher.

Goal: Reach the objectives ensuring the good process of field study and the team cohesion, bringing the energy to the ROSAE Team.

Motto: Altruism, Team spirit & Sociability


Marketing and Field Researcher